Our Services

We are home to the 12 week blowdry.

Fusion Hair and Beauty Studio is situated on Newcastle Road in Galway City, and we service a wide range of clients from near and far. We have created a calm environment in which our clients can sit back, relax and indulge themselves in a little me time.

12 Week Blowdry

Fusion has earned a reputation for the amazing QOD and CocoChoco keratin blowdry treatments. This specific hair treatment is one of our most requested hair services and it produces a salon finish that is easy to maintain at home. Ideal for frizzy, unmanagable and unruly hair. The result is easier to manage, sleek looking hair that stays looking great for up to 12 weeks, although some clients get even longer.

This blowdry is the perfect option for our weather and it has the power to bring even the curliest of hair under some sort of stylish control. The application can take up to 2 hours but the result is 12 weeks of beautiful locks.

Your hair is a huge part of who you are because it is something that can quite easily become your most recognisable feature. But it is not just your appearance that matters. Having healthy hair starts with making sure that you are regularly cutting it, and if you are partial to colouring, using only the safest methods and products, and relying on a professional touch, will do. Good hair care is also something that can just leave you feeling good about yourself, because you can’t deny that feel good feeling that washes over you when leaving the salon.

When every other part of you is covered up, your nails can still do all the talking. A gorgeous set of new nails is enough to make you feel more confident, all while keeping you on trend. Our 2 week Semilac gel-polish is a hugely popular treatment with clients. No more waiting for nails to dry and a chip-free manicure for up to 2 weeks!

The perfect set of brows and lashes is enough to have any woman feeling great. Tinting is just one way to get fuller and more impactful brows or lashes, which will look absolutely stunning whether you wear a full face of makeup or are just going au naturel. Our beauticians are also skilled in the Lash Lift and Brow Lamination treatments. Both treatments give lift, definition and volume to lashes and brows and also include a tint.

For that full beauty touch up, in our calming beauty room, we offer our clients an extensive range of treatments that will have you looking and feeling like a whole new person. Along with treatments like waxing, threading, make-up, a relaxing massage, or pampering facial, our treatments are also designed to improve skin health. Our team are more than capable of providing you with a skin care starting point that will be easy to maintain. Our treatments are also a great excuse for a little monthly pamper session, and can easily be included in your skin care routine.

Hair Extentions

Here at Fusion we also specialise in both bonded and micro-bead extensions. We use only the best premium Russian Hair for both methods. Russian Hair is known in the extension world for being the highest quality of human hair available on the market. When cared for properly this hair typically lasts for 3-4 months, although some of our clients get up to 6 months out of their extensions. So whether it’s just for an extra boost of volume, or a drastic change in length, our team at Fusion can sort you out. A free consulation is required to colour-match, and to determine which method is best suited to your hair type, and how many packs of hair are needed to suit your desired look.